Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Sins of the Cardinal

Sins of the Cardinal

We do not like you Doctor Pell.
We think you’d rather reign in hell,
Than ever choose to bend the knee,
Before the world and humbled be.

Your neck is stiff, your breast puffed up,
With pride and pomp, and righteous guff,
You spout with casuistic glee,
Unlike the man from Galilee.

Your church has princes far too proud.
Who trumpet it’s good graces loud.
Yet smothers those who’s tears it caused,
And wriggles loose with slippery fraud
From ever dealing simple truth
To those it preyed on ‘neath it’s roof.

Honest mistakes are made by those
Who’s interests everybody knows
And sees put truth and lessons hard
‘Fore money, pride, and self-regard.

Do you believe, dear Doctor Pell,
That mealy-mouths can make all well?
That subtle prince with cunning word
Can pull the wool o’er dimwit herd?
That Cardinal’s sin of haughty pride
From the Lord your God can hide?

Can cleric’s guilt absolve-ed be
By you, when vile complicity
Hides in plain sight of everyone
Who ever hears your double-tongue?

So bend the knee and kiss the ring
Of Benedict, your earthly king,
And smile at vast assembled youth.
But do not claim to speak the truth.
The hand that writes moves on it’s true
But we’ll remember what you do.

Luke chapter twelve, verse number one.
Will brand you for your clever tongue.
Hypocrisy is what I see,
And name you as the Pharisee.

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